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Inventory Your Home or Business by a TEXAS LICENSED INSURANCE ADJUSTER

Regardless of the type of coverage you buy, maintaining a detailed inventory of your property’s contents will assist you if a disaster strikes. Your inventory will help you prove the value of what you owned, which could speed your claim processing, and will provide documentation for tax deductions you can claim for your losses. An up-to-date inventory can also help you to determine the correct amount of insurance to purchase.

If a disaster or other emergency strikes your community, you may only have seconds or minutes to react. In those critical moments, your focus will be on your family’s safety. Once the immediate danger has passed, having your homeowners or renters’ insurance policy, bank account information, and other household records and contacts will be essential as you begin the recovery process.Type your paragraph here.

 View this sample home inventor. With your home or business we will capture serial numbers and other identifiers. You will receive the ONLY copy of your photo inventory.