Don P. Baker 

Real estate - insurance - HEALTH consultants

Litigation Claims Adjuster

We will investigate and resolve complex injury/ property claims, which may be attorney, represented or have additional litigation features. Doing research and consulting with police officers, claimants and others involved in accidents, we gather the information needed to determine coverage, liability and total value of a claim.

  • Investigate coverage and liability by reviewing and evaluating photos, recorded statements, medical records, police reports, and any other information related to the accident
  • Interview or consult with claimants, witnesses, insureds, injured parties, agents/brokers, attorneys, police officers, and anyone with knowledge regarding the accident to confirm coverage
  • Investigates and evaluates damages by obtaining and reviewing current and prior claims history and experience, medical records, bills, and employment and wage records
  • Prepares claim status reports containing claim evaluation, reserving, negotiation, and legal consultation
  • As needed, conducts accident scene investigations and consults with accident reconstructionist or other experts